RV Shopping 

Last Saturday Craig and went to look at some RVs with two of our friends. The only RVs we had looked at recently were Airstreams, so we were pleasantly surprised. 

Many of the floor plans would work great for full time living. There is much more storage space and room in the RVs we toured than the Airstreams we looked at. I expected them to be cheap looking, but the flooring, kitchens, wood and design were very nice. 

Some had large showers in the bathrooms and nice closets in the bedrooms. Several even had outdoor kitchens with a sink, grill and small fridge. One brand, the Mesa Ridge, had nice insulation and heat around the tanks. There were small fireplaces and heated seats!

We are pretty sure about the floor plan we want and several brands have that style. We are going to check some more out in person. It was cold, and many had the slides in so we could not get a great idea on true space. The dealer we visited has a spring open house where many will be fully open for touring. Hopefully we can see more of the floor plans we like ASAP.



As spring is trying to get going here in Massachusetts, I have been thinking about how soon we will be able to “follow the weather.” Thankfully, our winter was pretty mild and we did not have a lot of snow. Especially compared to 2014’s crazy snow storms. This spring has been cold, windy and wet. The trees just started to bud and bloom a few weeks ago. Many are still not out with a month until summer! Maine and New Hampshire had snow the other day.

I do not like winter and love the sun and heat. I find myself saying-“just one more winter here” and “we have to enjoy this fall since we may not be back here in a while.” I do like the summers and fall in Massachusetts, but dislike the winters and springs. Even summer is really not warm enough for me here. We get about two very warm weeks in the 90’s. I am so excited to be able to move our home around!

We have still been clearing out clothing, books, knick knacks and selling and donating them. Some shelves are finally emptying out. We have about four boxes of things we will store at Craig’s parents until we find a place we would like to buy land. Some photo albums and photos (we rarely print anything anymore, but these are pre-digital.) A few books that were signed for us or we really like and a few scrapbooks. I would not be crushed if they had to go too, but it would be nice to keep a few memories in print form.

This is all we are keeping in storage!

This is all we are keeping in storage!


Empty shelves

Empty shelves

There are a few things we would like to try and see around here before next October. We have been meaning to go to The Boston Harbor Islands (NRA) for a while now. We would also like to get the Boston stamps for our National Park Passport. Maybe the Cape Cod National Seashore ones we missed as well. We would not mind going back to Acadia NP and Minute Man NHP one more time. Stay tuned for a Boston Harbor Islands post soon!

Going Minimalist 

These were all full last week-getting there!

After moving our stuff to Florida and back to Massachusetts, we got rid of a lot on our last move. We went from a big 2 bedroom house with a huge yard to a small loft that Craig can walk to work from. We knew we wanted to full time RV soon and then build or buy a small cabin.

Now that we are going on the road, we are trying to get rid of even more things. I have been selling Disney collectibles we got when we worked in Florida, purses, prints and more. Craig brings in kitchen items, cookbooks and knick knacks to work every week to see if anyone will use them. We have donated clothing and are giving away furniture. We will sell and give away our bigger furniture next summer. 

Things to donate

It is so nice to see shelves empty and clear. We still have a lot to go through, but every day more goes out the door. We have been really good about not buying anything new unless it is an item we really need. We will probably “shop” for camping gear on Craigslist before we go on the road. Otherwise we need very little. 

Soon all the shelves will be empty

I did get a new atlas this past weekend and it is great to see our planned routes on paper. 

We have been pretty minimalist for a while now, but we are loving getting rid of so many things. I wish we did it sooner, but we enjoyed our stuff while we had it. Now we can spend any extra on experiences! 

List of RV Resources


Since Craig and I have been talking about full time RVing, I have been researching a lot online. There are some great resources out there that will help us along the way. I thought I would make a list of what we have found useful in case anyone else was thinking about RVing full time or even part time. 

My Home on Wheels Pinterest Board

RV Shopping:

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Search Tempest (search all of Craig’s List)

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Airstream Classifieds

Working From the Road and Workamping:

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Workamping Jobs

Camp Host Jobs

Workers on Wheels

Cool Works

Working Couples

Help Wanted for RV Parks and Campgrounds


USA Jobs/National Parks

National Park Volunteers

Western National Parks Association

Xanterra Parks & Resorts

Delaware North


Setting up a Domicile State:

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Big RV Questions: Residency, Mail and Health Insurance

Setting up Domicile in Florida as a Full Timer

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Saint Brendan’s Isle

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RVer Insurance-Auto/RV and Health :

RVer Insurance Exchange

RVer Guide to ACA Open Enrollment 2016

eHealth Insurance

RV Insurance

Explorer RV Insurance

Good Sam





National Interstate

National General


Family Motor Coach Association

Coach Net


Spots to Stay:

Go Camping America

Recreation.gov (Federal Sites)

Reserve America

Public Lands Info Center (Western States)

RV Park Reviews

Good Sam RV Parks

Thousand Trails

Harvest Hosts

Worldwide Opportunities For Organic Farms USA

USA Campgrounds Info

Camping USA

US National Forest Campground Guide

Ultimate Campgrounds (Public Campgrounds)


Boondockers Welcome


Free Campsites



Apps For RVers:

Mobile App Essentials for RV Travel


Overview of RV Mobile Internet Options


Stay Connected On The Road

How We Keep Online

Discover The Best RV Internet Service Option


Tiny House Security

MegaHitch Lock Coupler Vault

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RVing With Pets:

RVing With Cats

RV Traveling Cats

5 Tips For RVing With Cats

RV Traveling With Dogs

RVing With Dogs

Tips For RVing With Pets



Benchmark Maps

RV Forums:

RV Network/Ecapees

Air Forums (Airstream Forums)


Full Time RVer Blogs:

Gone With The Wynns


Top RV Lifestyle Blogs

live. work. dream

Future Goals

As we get older, Craig and I have been talking a lot about what we would like to do in the future. I grew up in New York City- one of the most expensive places to live in the world. When I met Craig, I moved to Massachusetts. Where he grew up was much more rural and quiet for me. It was also a lot cheaper! Then, house and land prices started to go crazy here too. We were not sure we wanted to settle in MA, so we never bought anything. When we got priced out of the MA market, we decided to move to Florida. We had been traveling there for years and liked the weather much more than MA. We bought a condo in a great area and had a blast working at Disney World for nearly six years. 

                           The Boss

We wound up working a lot of temporary and contract positions in Florida though. Benefits were not as good as up North. So when a good job offer came in for Craig back in MA, we decided to take it. It offered really good health insurance and we had been paying a lot for that in Florida. This was right before the ACA happened.  It was really hard giving up our Florida life, our cute condo and our friends. We had a tough time adjusting- do not even mention snow and ice to us! 

Since homes here have shot up even more in price, we will never own here. That is fine though because we know we never want to! We did not even plan on staying in MA  for the six years we have, but the economy was not great, and we were grateful for Craig’s job. Anyone we do know with a home in MA bought it before the 90’s, was given a hefty down payment from family or was given the home outright.    

We have some money saved and zero debt, so we plan on full time RVing for a while. If you read the blog, you know we love to travel! We want to work and volunteer in some of our National Parks.  Eventually, we would like to buy some land and build a small/tiny cabin. After renting for a while now, and growing up right on top of other homes, we want several acres. Things like solar, chickens and a garden to grow some food would be wonderful. We have not seen enough of the country to decide on a place yet, so that is where full time RVing comes in. The land will most likely be out West. We do not want to be near millions of other people on the East Coast.      

Since we are not getting any younger, we have set a goal of January 2018! We will have to Workamp for a while as well as work for ourselves. The ACA helps since we will not have to worry about having health insurance tied to a job. We have a rough plan on timing right now. Research has been ongoing for the past few years. Of course a lot depends on savings and stock rates when we decide to cash out. We have to time it right for taxes, etc. We will keep watching for good prices on trucks and RVs. Hopefully, we wind up with an Airstream-we have loved them for a long time. We have looked at some other types of RVs though.   

I hope you will follow along on our journey. I will do a post soon on all of the RV resources out there in case anyone reading is planning on this lifestyle too.


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Airstream Travel Dreams

After taking a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in 2014, Craig and I realized how much of the US we had not seen yet. The amazing parts. I used to be a travel agent for many years, so we spent a lot of our vacation time at all-inclusives in Mexico and the Caribbean, on cruises and at Walt Disney World. At tourist spots like New York City and San Diego. I needed to experience the places I was selling. While we have loved all of our trips and do not regret taking them, we do regret waiting so long to see our national parks. Seeing a place like Yellowstone for the first time can be life changing. To know places like that are out there will change you. The only other trips that have come close are sites we have seen in Europe and the ruins in Mexico.

Our national park trips have made us long to see so much more of the world. It is frustrating to have a small amount of vacation time, but we are grateful for what we do have. Still, our dream is to save as much as we can, retire early and full time travel in an Airstream. We would love to travel for a few years, see everything we want to see and find some land to build a small home or cabin on. By small we are thinking under 750sf. We love the 25 foot and 27 foot Airstreams. An older one that is in good shape would be great too. Hopefully we will have one soon!

What are your travel dreams?