Future Trips

I have been planning three trips for the future, but I always have a list of places we would love to explore in my Midori Travelers Notebook/Journal. I try to research way ahead for our National  Park trips because lodging can sell out very quickly. When I plan, I map out routes, hikes, look up hotels, read guide books and get on the Trip Advisor forums and ask questions.  I also make an itinerary in my free TripIt account. Then it shows up on my phone calendar and App.

In summer of 2016 we are going to visit Glacier National Park for the first time. Then we will drive down to Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park and finish up our two and a half weeks in Jackson, WY. It is our 20th anniversary this year and the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. We decided to spend the 100th anniversary in America’s first National Park. We are so happy Craig got all of his vacation time approved. I started planning this summer’s trip last May. Even that far ahead, a Roosevelt Lodge cabin with a bathroom was sold out! I found out there are only about 14 of them and the summer season at Roosevelt is short.

We have also been planning a Florida road Trip for 2016. Craig and I lived in Florida for six years, but we have not explored the Everglades in depth. We also want to go to Biscayne National Park, Dry Tortugas National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve. At first we thought we may want to go in January, but then we were worried it might be too cold to snorkel. Now we are hoping for October. I am glad we waited because Biscayne National Park just got back their boat tours. They had been looking for concessioners for a while now. I have been using the newer Lonely Planet Road Trip guide books for planning ideas. I love the routes they suggest in these books. The hotel and restaurant info is not in depth, but I like the maps a lot. 

The third trip we are planning is Alaska in 2017. We are super excited and this trip is long overdue. We are going to be doing a Princess Cruise and land tour for 15 nights with friends. We will visit four national parks on the trip and hope to get a lot of new stamps for the National Park Passport! I will post more updates on future trip planning and things we are going to see and do. I have also found some great hotels and restaurants you may want to check out. I have been using Pinterest as a helpful visual trip planning tool. Check out my Yellowstone, Glacier, Florida and Alaska boards for more hotel, food and drink, hiking and things to see and do suggestions. 


What Is In My Carry On Bag?

We are getting ready for our two week road trip through California! Craig and I have been putting aside things we need to pack. I have certain things I like to take in my carry on especially on a longer flight. I always put our camera in my carry on so it does not get ruined in any checked luggage. We bought a Sony RX 100 last year for our Yellowstone and Grand Teton trip and it worked out great. I will do another post about the camera. Newer versions have come out, but that means ours has dropped in price!

I always try to take sanitizing wipes to wipe down the tray and seat and hand sanitizer. Flight Spray is a great thing for a longer flight. It keeps your nose hydrated so it does not get painfully dry. We also have had good luck with No Jet Lag. It is natural so I feel OK taking it. We are going to try these hydration tabs we found at REI called Nuun. I also got a four pack on Amazon for our Grand Circle trip in October. It will be pretty dry in UT, CO and AZ while hiking. Check the ingredients to make sure they are OK for you.      

Craig bought Hiking Yosemite National Park: A Guide To 59 Of The Park’s Greatest Hiking Adventures for us to use at the park. I have already flagged some of the hikes and walks we want to try! I am also taking some snacks, EOS lip balm, my Kindle and iPhone so I can read, listen to podcasts and music and of course our trip info and National Parks Passport! My Midori Travelers Journal will be in there for sure. Craig got me one for Christmas and I am love with it for trip planning. He also made me one for art and one for himself. We will be visiting the Maido Stationery Store in San Francisco to buy some more inserts.

One thing I bought for our CA Road Trip that I love is this bear travel pillow. He is super cute and converts into a neck pillow for the flight. I though it was fitting to have a Grizzly with me for our National Park trips. Even though there are no more Grizzly Bears in CA, one is still on the state flag.