Gate Guarding in Texas

Gate Guarding in Texas


Craig and I are starting our second gate guarding assignment today in Texas. The first gate lasted around three weeks and we made a little over $6,000. It was a 24 hour gate with a guard shack. Our RV was parked next it. There was a generator to hook up to for power and water/sewer tanks. It was a busy gate and pretty remote.

This gate seems a little less busy and we will be working out of our RV. It is less money, but nice to sit in or outside our house on wheels. We will make a little over $5,000 for around four weeks. It also has hook ups (generator.) Laredo is close by.

We are enjoying working together as usual. We read a lot, play cards and talk. I have been planning our road trip to California for our fall jobs helping to manage a pumpkin patch and managing a Christmas tree lot. We will visit several more national parks like Saguaro, Channel Islands and Pinnacles. In the spring of 2020, we will head up the coast to Redwoods, Oregon, Washington and Vancouver. Hopefully in the summer we can travel across the top of the country visiting several more national parks. We would like to spend the summer in Massachusetts visiting friends and family and head down to Florida next fall. We will be volunteering for The Disney Wilderness Preserve again next fall/winter 2020/21!

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  1. Wow, it sure looks desolate there, but I guess the money makes up for it. Now if you wanted could you book this same gate to guard for next year so that you would have plenty of notice on where you will be working? I admire you for doing this life change at a younger age. You get to see the country and meet new people all the time. We are itching to get out on our bikes but Gary is still recovering from his surgery so we will be enjoying our little camper. We leave Saturday to make our way to Sugar Creek OH. We are going to a Tab rally on the grounds where they are made. I can’t wait to do the tour of the factory. There are supposed to be about 250 T@bs, T@gs and T@d@s there. Keep on making great memories and keep the pictures coming.

    1. The oil rigs move around to look for oil and they may even move around on one ranch to different locations. It is fascinating to see them bring everything in and then break it all down a few weeks later! Giant cranes, tractors, drills, housing, etc. They never know where gates may be day to day. I don’t think I would want to do this again in the summer! It is way too hot to sit outside from 11am-6pm. It is still 100 at 7:30pm! So it is annoying going in and out of the RV and dust is everywhere. The guard shack was better. It is easy work mentally, but sleep wise is totally throws us off. It is fine for a few weeks though! Already made quite a lot!

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