Going Minimalist 

Going Minimalist 

These were all full last week-getting there!

After moving our stuff to Florida and back to Massachusetts, we got rid of a lot on our last move. We went from a big 2 bedroom house with a huge yard to a small loft that Craig can walk to work from. We knew we wanted to full time RV soon and then build or buy a small cabin.

Now that we are going on the road, we are trying to get rid of even more things. I have been selling Disney collectibles we got when we worked in Florida, purses, prints and more. Craig brings in kitchen items, cookbooks and knick knacks to work every week to see if anyone will use them. We have donated clothing and are giving away furniture. We will sell and give away our bigger furniture next summer. 

Things to donate

It is so nice to see shelves empty and clear. We still have a lot to go through, but every day more goes out the door. We have been really good about not buying anything new unless it is an item we really need. We will probably “shop” for camping gear on Craigslist before we go on the road. Otherwise we need very little. 

Soon all the shelves will be empty

I did get a new atlas this past weekend and it is great to see our planned routes on paper. 

We have been pretty minimalist for a while now, but we are loving getting rid of so many things. I wish we did it sooner, but we enjoyed our stuff while we had it. Now we can spend any extra on experiences! 

4 thoughts on “Going Minimalist 

  1. Great job off-loading! I’d love to get a new atlas but the are all so big (like your’s looks). It’s nice having large maps, but they are a little hard to managed in the front seat of a car (I always have to have a paper map with me).

    1. They say you wear 10% of your clothing 80% of the time-right? I feel like this is true for me! I work from home, so I rarely need “office clothes” anymore. I also read books on my Kindle or phone now. We do love books-my husband worked in libraries, but I can visit the library when we are on the road. It does feel good to donate too.

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