Three Years of Full Time RV Travel

Three Years of Full Time RV Travel

We have been full time RVing for three years this September! In that time we have:

-Traveled to 21 states including
LA, AL, TX, NM, CO, WY, ID, CA, OR, WA, NE, TN, GA, MO, VA, NJ, NC, SC, FL, AZ and NV.

-Visited 17 national parks-Shenandoah, Great Smoky Mountains, Congaree, Big Bend, Carlsbad Caverns, Great Sand Dunes, Rocky Mountain, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Saint Louis Gateway Arch, Saguaro, Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Channel Islands, Pinnacles, Redwoods and Petrified Forest.

-Workamped in four states-Florida, Texas, Wyoming and California.

-Traveled back and forth across the country four times.

-Survived snow, torrential rain, mountains, backing into tiny RV spots, driving through cities like San Francisco, Houston and Atlanta and two RV tire blow outs.

-Experienced RVing at many state parks, national parks, fancy private parks and not so fancy private parks.

-Really took time seeing our amazing country first hand. We have so many more places we want to visit!

In early 2021 we should be setting out again to head back west. We are looking at routes now and hope to visit some old favorites and some new places on our list. In 2022 we are hoping to see Crater Lake, Olympic, North Cascades and Mount Rainer since we missed them this past trip.

We have been checking for seasonal work for next spring/summer and hope to post updates soon!

2 thoughts on “Three Years of Full Time RV Travel

  1. Time goes by fast. I remember calling the bank and talking to Craig about something else and finding out he was leaving the bank at the end of August. So glad you are having a great time and seeing so much. Someday we will get out there in our little camper and getting to see more of the country. Here’s to many more adventures

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