Two Years of Full Time RVing!

Two Years of Full Time RVing!

It is hard to believe in September we will be full time RVing for two years. We have spent two winters in Florida, traveled to eleven states and seven national parks and Workamped at three different jobs. We are on our way to our fourth tomorrow, and will reach California on September 11th. Soon, we will have traveled coast to coast in our Grand Design Reflection!

Here are some things we love about RVing and some that are not so great.

Not great:

-Things get cluttered easily in a small space, so you need to stay on top of cleaning. We are pretty neat so this is not hard for us.

-We can’t have a lot of personal items or clothing since storage space is at a minimum.

-We can sometimes feel unsettled if we do not have a job or destination planned.

-Missing family and friends while on the road.

-Gas and RV parks can be expensive. It is still less than rent/mortgage for us. Workamping helps with free spots too.

-Parks can book up way ahead now so you need to plan routes. This is more of an issue in the summer or at popular places like national parks.

-Driving can be stressful in heavy traffic or through cities.

What we love:

-Freedom! Travel is amazing and we love seeing new places.

-No alarm clock. Unless we are working, we wake up when we want and go by our own schedule.

-Time together. Craig and I have worked at several jobs together, so we were used to spending more time together than apart. We love working and traveling together.

-Trying local foods, restaurants and grocery stores.

-Meeting new people and making new friends at our Workamping jobs.

-Getting to really learn an area when we spend several months working there.

Tomorrow we head to Fredericksburg, Texas for some wine tasting and then across I-10 to El Paso, Tucson, Saguaro National Park, Phoenix, Sedona, Quartzsite, Joshua Tree and Disneyland before we start work managing a pumpkin patch and Christmas tree lot. Follow along on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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