We Are Working at Yellowstone Next Summer!

We Are Working at Yellowstone Next Summer!

We were so excited to hear from Yellowstone Forever a few days ago. They let Craig and I know that we will be working in the Old Faithful bookstore next summer season!

Yellowstone Forever is the official nonprofit at Yellowstone National Park. The Yellowstone Park Foundation and The Yellowstone Association joined together to become Yellowstone Forever. They offer classes and have bookstores all over the park. 

We will leave Florida towards the end of March and take several weeks to get to Wyoming by May. We are really looking forward to our next adventure and spending several months in one of our favorite places.

4 thoughts on “We Are Working at Yellowstone Next Summer!

  1. Congratulations on getting the jobs at Yellowstone!!! Is your camper decorated for the holidays? I’ve heard some people at Fort Wilderness get pretty fancy with the decorations

    1. Thank you and-yes! Check out our RV Holiday Decorating post tomorrow. We are one of 15 bloggers participating in the “Christmas in the Camper 2017” series. We posted lots of Fort Wilderness pics and hope to do a video walk through soon too.

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