We Made it to Yellowstone!

We Made it to Yellowstone!

We have been traveling since March 8th and we finally made it to our summer spot at Yellowstone National Park on May 10th!

Because the WiFi has been awful at most of the places along the way, I have not been posting much. I have tried to keep up on Instagram. Take a look on there to see some of the sites we saw along the way. When I am in town next, I will post more about the trip. It was exciting, exhausting and definitely worth it.

The Yellowstone Forever bookstore is beautiful and we are enjoying working there. One day a week we are also in the new Art and Photography Center in the Old Haynes Photography building. Craig and I love working together again!

We have done a little exploring, but there has been a lot of rain here so some places are still pretty flooded. We hope to hike more soon. We joined the employee hiking club. We will hike at least 100 miles this season. We are already near 30, so I don’t think that will be a hard goal to reach!

I was surprised to find myself really missing Florida along the way. I think we miss our friends and family and being able to see them whenever we want. It can be trying being two hours from any major store or town as well. I guess I may have to rethink wanting to live in the middle of nowhere!

Our RV site is nice and quiet and we really like our neighbors and coworkers. More posts soon!

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