What Is In My Carry On Bag?

What Is In My Carry On Bag?

We are getting ready for our two week road trip through California! Craig and I have been putting aside things we need to pack. I have certain things I like to take in my carry on especially on a longer flight. I always put our camera in my carry on so it does not get ruined in any checked luggage. We bought a Sony RX 100 last year for our Yellowstone and Grand Teton trip and it worked out great. I will do another post about the camera. Newer versions have come out, but that means ours has dropped in price!

I always try to take sanitizing wipes to wipe down the tray and seat and hand sanitizer. Flight Spray is a great thing for a longer flight. It keeps your nose hydrated so it does not get painfully dry. We also have had good luck with No Jet Lag. It is natural so I feel OK taking it. We are going to try these hydration tabs we found at REI called Nuun. I also got a four pack on Amazon for our Grand Circle trip in October. It will be pretty dry in UT, CO and AZ while hiking. Check the ingredients to make sure they are OK for you.      

Craig bought Hiking Yosemite National Park: A Guide To 59 Of The Park’s Greatest Hiking Adventures for us to use at the park. I have already flagged some of the hikes and walks we want to try! I am also taking some snacks, EOS lip balm, my Kindle and iPhone so I can read, listen to podcasts and music and of course our trip info and National Parks Passport! My Midori Travelers Journal will be in there for sure. Craig got me one for Christmas and I am love with it for trip planning. He also made me one for art and one for himself. We will be visiting the Maido Stationery Store in San Francisco to buy some more inserts.

One thing I bought for our CA Road Trip that I love is this bear travel pillow. He is super cute and converts into a neck pillow for the flight. I though it was fitting to have a Grizzly with me for our National Park trips. Even though there are no more Grizzly Bears in CA, one is still on the state flag.


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    1. We are visiting friends in San Diego for a few days. We have been to Cabrillo NM before and will be sure to get our stamp this time!

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