Working In Yosemite

Working In Yosemite

The past few weeks we have been deciding what to do for the 2022 spring/summer season. We had several interviews at a few national parks, but decided to head to Yosemite this summer!

We have always wanted to work a season there and hike more, but they don’t really have any RV spots with hookups. There are a few volunteer RV spots with the park service for camp-hosts, but those usually only last a month.

We got jobs working for the non profit (The Yosemite Conservancy) with similar schedules. The housing is a park service two bedroom and the pay pretty good. We are looking forward to working for a national park nonprofit again!

We will sell our Grand Design and just drive the truck out there. After working a season, we will look for a smaller drivable RV and smaller vehicle like a Jeep. Or a smaller trailer like an older Airstream. We may try to work a season at Glacier with housing as well since those jobs sounded nice too!

We will miss our travel trailer, but we would like to find something a bit smaller that I am comfortable driving as well.

We are super excited to do more hiking in Yosemite National Park and explore more of California and the west again. We have spent a lot of time here in Florida and we are ready to travel again. We are heading out mid April so keep following for lots of pictures along the way!

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