Four Years Full Time!

Four Years Full Time!

It is amazing how fast time has gone by since traveling in our RV full time. We are enjoying life so much. I am always impressed with how Craig manages this 34 foot trailer! Especially parking it in tight RV spots and maneuvering it through traffic in places like San Francisco and Houston. I grew up in New York City and did not get my drivers license until I was 25, so I am grateful he does the driving.

We first started dreaming about full time RVing after coming back from a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton. We talked to several workers in the gift shops and visitor centers and realized seasonal work sounded amazing. Our Snake River float trip captain in Grand Teton National Park worked there in the summer and was traveling around Asia in the fall. Craig and I said-we can do this too!

So we started planning it all out and saving and investing our money. After two years of planning and research we decided to go for it. We found an RV we liked pretty quickly. While we still love Airstreams, we are happy with our Grand Design Reflection. It has been a comfortable home. A used diesel truck was harder to find, but we finally found a decent one. Our GMC has done great for the most part even on some questionably steep mountains and bad weather. We will probably need to upgrade soon if we continue to tow. She is getting older (2005) and a bit tired, but she has kept us safe.

Finding good Workamping jobs has been pretty easy-there are so many good options out there. We have enjoyed every place we worked or volunteered and even had to turn down some great sounding jobs. Covid kind of threw a wrench into many people’s plans and we hope to explore more in 2022! We are hoping we find something great at a national park for the summer season.

We are heading to a seasonal spot in Florida for the fall and winter and look forward to seeing all the new attractions, shows and fireworks at the theme parks. Especially for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary. We also want to visit more springs, bike and get to Key West and the Everglades again.

I will be posting more about planning for our Yellowstone winter trip in a new blog post. It was very different from summer planning. We are pretty set with plans now and were lucky to get hotels and spots for tours we wanted! Keep an eye out for that post soon!

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