Heading Out Soon

Heading Out Soon

So we are down to about 40 days until we head out to Florida to pick up the travel trailer!  It rolls off the production line at Grand Design on August 1st, and then goes through inspection before shipping off to Lazydays.  

I have been bad about posting here on the blog since work is busy and nothing exciting is really happening. We are mostly packed except for what we are using. We have some furniture like our couch and table to get rid of, but that will have to wait until the beginning of September. We are still weeding through things and getting rid of more every day. We have been volunteering a little bit, but not as much as we had been. We have been spending time trying to get the truck ready for towing.

Another reason I have not felt like writing much is we lost our cat Bamboo a few weeks ago. Bamboo had been struggling with IBS/IBD for about two years, but really started to go downhill last month. She was loosing a lot of weight even though she was eating. We had to get the girls rabies shots for the road and the shot really seemed to knock her for a loop. 

We had tried so many types of foods, probiotics, even a totally raw diet. Everything eventually was thrown up or pooped out. She was in a lot of pain and howling when she went to the bathroom. The vet ran several tests and agreed that it was untreatable IBD or IBS. Many animals struggle with it. Some people try to give their animals steroids, but those can lead to diabetes and cause worse issues. The vet said Bamboo was not absorbing the nutrients she needed and her organs were probably shutting down. 

It was an awful decision to have to make, but we did not want her to suffer. We had gone back and forth for a long time trying whatever we read about online. It was hard for two years because we were getting up in the middle of the night every night cleaning up throw up and diarrhea. We threw out every carpet. 

She was a beautiful and crazy cat! Her sister looks for her every day. We adopted Bamboo and Lotus about ten years ago when we lived in Florida. She was my best buddy when we had to move back to Massachusetts, and kept me company when I was isolated at home working. 

We miss her a ton even though she was the most difficult animal we have ever owned. It feels like someone punches me in the gut several times a day when I think of her. I really feel like I lost a friend, but I felt like that about all the animals we have lost over the years. RIP beautiful Bamboo. I so wanted you to go on our adventures, but I am glad you are not in pain anymore. 

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